ok, I have another error, on a Mac with v0.14.5 Su...
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ok, I have another error, on a Mac with v0.14.5 Successfully installed and connected to a Netmaker network. Now I'm trying to join a second network on the same Server. The networks do not overlap. Error-
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[netclient] 2022-07-12 18:07:27 joining test2 at api.wg.domain.com.au:443 
[netclient] 2022-07-12 18:07:27 starting wireguard 
[netclient] 2022-07-12 18:07:30 error running command: wg setconf utun7 /Applications/Netclient/config/nm-test2.conf.tmp 
[netclient] 2022-07-12 18:07:30 Unable to modify interface: Address already in use
Any ideas for where to look please?
is udp hole punching on or off?
if it is off, try joining while specifying port: netclient join -t --port=51822
though this shouldn't be necessary after yesterday's hotfix...
hole punching is off
yeah cool, sounds like that will help- I'll try the workaround and report back tomorrow. Not many devices need to be in multiple networks so it's really a convenience feature, cheers
BTW did you deploy with the latest hotfix? it was added yesterday afternoon (ET) so you may want to re-grab the latest binary if not, because it should have solved for that port error
ah ok, not sure. Will check
ok that particular client is on 0.14.4 hotfix so will upgrade and report back
ok- confirming that upgrading the client to latest has fixed this issue, thanks!