Hi All, I'm trying to install netclient 0.14.5 on ...
# install
Hi All, I'm trying to install netclient 0.14.5 on Synology, and when launching via a join command it works but the netclient.service file is not being created and I get an error -
Failed to restart netclient.service: Unit netclient.service failed to load: No such file or directory.
Also on a Synology where the service file does seem to have been automatically created, it refers to
ExecStart=/sbin/netclient daemon
Which does not exist. what to do now please?
seems like it wasn't installed correctly?
you're right, I should check again. I went off my notes from a while back
we moved towards having service being installed by the package installer, since there's no package installer on synology it's not set up automatically
however, you can run "netclient install" from the client to have it set up the service file
worked like a charm, thanks!
I've updated my post about netclient on Synology, feel free to use any of this if needed https://servicemax.com.au/tips/wireguard-and-netmaker-on-synology/
thanks for sharing! I am going to post this if you dont mind
absolutely, hope it helps