I assume you mean the iptables forward set. If so,...
# server
I assume you mean the iptables forward set. If so, yes, it was setup. The actual server setup was working prior to bringing it up to the most recent version. I'll review iptables though, see if I made any mistakes there.
I clearly have a different problem. I took to looking into my network interfaces this morning and wg shows state UNKNOWN, which means it silently failed.
Upon trying to leave, I get the error "open /etc/netclient/config/netconfig-all: no such file or directory" so this seems to be at the local gateway OS level, and not at all a question of Netmaker's setup.
For shits and giggles, I did setup a VPN network and tested it, with good results, on my primary gateway, so at least I now know where the issue stems from.
Egress Issue
> Hey everyone. I have a bit of a weird situation happening, which I would like to see if the community can help me address. > I started with Netmaker back sometime last year, as a test to create a mesh network to allow me to access several colocations from within my own network. The main use case is that those co-locations are family and friends homes, and most of the times they will ask for tech support, which requires the use of platforms like TeamViewer for their ease of use (non-tech savy people). > > I started with a regular docker install, a version I no longer recall, prior to the 0.10.x versions. > It worked well, but I wanted to bring the installations forward, and manage netclient through repos, so I started by updating my docker-compose.yml file, which eventually failed. > Since the setup was just a test, I had the benefit of being able to just kill it and restart fresh, which I started doing today. > > Went through all of the setup steps without the nm-quick.sh script, re-setup netmaker on the VM I had it hosted on (Oracle Cloud, which I've noticed it is recommended against, so this may be part of the current problem), made sure all necessary ports are available. > > I am able to create a user, setup new nodes (have one for testing inside my local network to test access to a streaming box I use), setup egress and created a new WG client to test on my phone over 4G. > This is where I'm having the issue. I am no network wizard, and it is clearly going over my head, but with the egress setup inside a VM in my network, I am not able to access the streaming machine I also have inside the same private network from an external client. > I've verified that the client connects to the ingress node, that it shows up in netclient, and that the IP I'm trying to access is available in the internal network and responding. > > What info can I provide you that would help you make an educated guess as to what the problem is? Is the egress/ingress on Oracle as well?