<@494776856449646602>, I saw your oracle question ...
# install
@handsome-animal-27982, I saw your oracle question in the welcome chat, and I can tell that I have netmaker running on a oracle free tier vps currently, so it is possible to get working 😅 some adjustments for ingress rules in the oracle cloud management, and some modifications to the iptables on the vps.
any chance you'd be willing to write a gist for this? we could add it to the docs/readme
I'd also be very interested 🙂
Uh oh 😄 I was lazy and didn't document what I did when I scoured the web with Google. But I could try to backtrack and write down how I did. Unfortunately I'm not blessed with spare time the coming days due to midsummer's eve coming up 🥳
I also just got this running on oracle cloud if you want a second set of eyes on any documentation around it.
Hmm, googled a bit in search of how I did it last time, and found that using firewalld-cmd could be a solution if you're as clueless on iptables as I am 😄 This answer on stackoverflow could be worthwhile to test if it works. I would do it, but currently I don't have the time. https://stackoverflow.com/a/66148257 (ofc using the appropriate ports that netmaker needs).
@jolly-london-20127, using the traefik solution; is it only 443 and the wireguard ports that needs to be exposed?
Please share your process .