Hmm.... Is NM usable without a signed certificate?...
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Hmm.... Is NM usable without a signed certificate? I hit the duplicate limit on letsencrypt trying to fine tune the mod_security settings.
Yes, in fact you can set up netmaker to run with http but that is a completely different way of running it and requires a completely different setup.
if you are running in cert rate limits, you can set up caddy or traefik to use static certs
or just switch to staging until you figured it out and then switch back
limit is already hit, will staging still work?
yes, limits are separate for staging. you get 30k certs per week and 60 fails per hour. Some absurd number like that.
how do I set that?
I know how to set it using certbot, how do I set it using nm's docker-compose?
you can put it as a cli command in the compose file to match yours --certificatesresolvers.http.acme.caserver=
Also, you see where it says: - "" if you have issues with certs renewing, deleting this file(or volume) and restarting helps since it can't find a cached version and has to pull a new one
I add to this to traefik command:?
I'm deleting the entire volume, so that's not a problem
I don't know what I did to break it...
I can't use it at all now
no cert issue except unknown assigner
The web ui won't connect
I found something
web browser says cors request failed
Had to import the LE Root certs into Firefox and Edge before I could use it.
Okay now pairing clients with it comes up with this
x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
Same there there, fixed that copied them to /etc/ssl/certs
Talk about a pain, but at least it is usable for now
Thanks for the help