# development
Regarding: It doesn't look like it would be too tricky to set the beginning port of the port range that dictates DefaultListenPort via the existing mechanisms in Would you be open to a pull request that does this? I don't really have a time frame, but it is something I'm willing to look into.
So do you mean you would have the network DefaultListenPort increment in tandem with the server port? so for instance, on second network, DefaultListenPort would be 51822?
I think this could be desirable, but could also cause issues in other environments
the benefit of always using 51821 is it is predictable for most use cases. If it is incrementing, you cannot predict what port it will run on locally, which may make it difficult for automation
I believe so, but maybe I don't grasp something properly, so let me try to describe the actual functionality I'm looking for. I would like to be able to modify a setting (by environment variable, netmaker-ui, or any other means) that changes what port all of the nodes on a network use, including the server node (the node automatically setup upon network creation). I'd be happy- if this was configurable per network, ex: 3 networks on a single NM instance using arbitrary ports, let's say 50000, 55000, 60000 or- if only the origin port of range that all networks on a NM instance use was configurable, ex: 3 networks use 50000, 50001, 50002; while a different NM instance (also with 3 networks) used 60000, 60001, 60002 The first scenario seems more complex, dealing with arbitrary ports, than the second scenario, only dealing with a modifiable origin port, which consecutive networks simply increment from