Is the manual windows client installation for 0.14...
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Is the manual windows client installation for 0.14+ documented anywhere? The gui msi fails to start on Windows Sever 2016. I'm not sure how to install the service and where to put the binary with the new approach. Is it enough to run the binary from Program Files (x86)?
will the MSI not work for you? We're trying to move towards that approach
Work fine on Win10, but not on a Windows 2016 server. I'll try a different 2016 server to confirm. Installs, but won't start the GUI. The service doesn't seem to be able to start.
ahhh ok, drivers are probably too outdated for the GUI
you should be able to still use the CLI in that case if you want to confirm
tested another serer 2016, exactly the same
so can I just run the against the main binary? from system32 or program files x86? No need to install service first?
Ran it, missing the service
Ok, started again, ran the msi to get the service, then ran the join command (with an additional preceding
to make PowerShell happy) against the binary in Program Files (x86). My server is showing in the webui