Netmaker Server on Windows Server
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Netmaker Server on Windows Server
Is it possible to run the Netmaker Server on Windows?
I have WireGuard running on my Windows Server VPS ( Hosted by Voltr ) I have a bunch of clients connected to this server and I access these clients webservers using a reverse proxy and pointing to my Public DNS and SSL ( can't see a way of doing this in netmaker itself ) I also connect to these clients via VNC and devices on there Local Network. There is a mix of these clients running windows and raspbian ( Raspberry Pi ) from my understanding these clients would be setup with Netclient and Egress? While my remote Windows PC will connect via normal Wireguard Client/Ingress. I really don't want to make a new Linux Server and redo all my reverse proxy/SSL stuff etc Would the WSL ( Windows Subsystem for Linux ) with docker work? Main reason to move to netmaker is the manual configurations is getting messy and dificult to manage. I will add an image of my network example and whether it is possible or not.
Some of the Clients are Linux and Windows and the Tunnel IP ranges I'm using now are 172.16 range and then im using NAT Netmap to access the 1:1 to map to the local network and so there are no ip conflicts etc There are also additional webservers on the clients I am accessing via the reverse proxy. Is this sort of configuration possible with netmaker?