# netmaker


05/24/2022, 5:48 PM
Hello. I am having much better luck now, since my internet issue was resolved (or systemd-resolved) HA!. But, I added a client to the server yesterday on the same network as my current machine(s). The new client is on a separate network, outside my home, and I have 2 clients in my home network. I just created a standard network, no changes other than the network name. I can ping between the two clients on my local network, using the wireguard IPs from netmaker, but can't ping the external client, nor ssh to it. I also tried to make it an egress gateway to it's local network on the 192.168.x.x network, but can't reach anything there either. What should I be checking or expecting in order for this to work? Using netclient cli on all machines, and all machines are Ubuntu 22.04, with the new client being Ubuntu 20.04 server.