Hey, not to be another person who joins, asks a qu...
# netmaker
Hey, not to be another person who joins, asks a question, and disappears forever, but... I'm trying to accomplish something with netmaker, can someone who understands the architecture better than I do point me towards how I should have this configured? I have a functioning netmaker server in digitalocean. My laptop, physical server, and netmaker droplet all mesh well and fine, at least I think. I'm moving and the only place I can keep my server right now seems to block some ports like 443. Reading, it sounds like setting my netmaker server as a relay for my physical server might be what I'm after, but it doesn't magically work. Am I missing something? Traefik config? I see I can add more port forward services in docker-compose.yaml... Then, I'd really like to not throw my home IP out on DNS anymore if I can avoid it. I was looking at this post https://www.reddit.com/r/selfhosted/comments/vh7lym/wireguard_tunnel_from_haproxy_on_vps_to_nginx_on/ Would it be best for me to ditch integrated traefik altogether and run my own HAproxy or something to achieve everything I'm trying here? I'm familiar with nginx but hardly HAproxy at all. Really hope I can work something out today since I host my own email, otherwise I might have to move things up to the cloud for a while.