Good afternoon. I've been running 0.12.1 for some ...
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Good afternoon. I've been running 0.12.1 for some time now. In fact so far it has been faultless for me. However I thought I'd spin up a new server on Linode and see what 0.14.2 had to offer. All seemed to be going well, I even got as far as "Create and Admin" screen. This is where the problems start. Login webpage says "Cannot reach server". Watching the logs on an ssh session it is just full of "error retrieving networks for keepalive could not find any records". I'm sure there is a really simple easy 🤞 fix for this.
Are you 100% sure you did this? 1. Prepare DNS Create a wildcard A record pointing to the public IP of your VM. As an example, * Alternatively, create records for these specific subdomains: dashboard.domain api.domain broker.domain Ping all the domains and check if they resolve the right IP. You can try again with the quick install where there is a domain genereated for you.
Maybe some software-firewall blocking?