Has anyone had any issues setting egress behind a ...
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Has anyone had any issues setting egress behind a double NAT? I've been trying to get this egress gateway to work for a while now and it has me stumped.
Is the egress node reachable on its own? Is it behind a relay?
I can't reach the egress node if I use opnsense but if I use one of the servers behind opnsense I can reach the node, but it still doesn't egress.
*If I swap from using opnsense as egress to using a node behind opnsense on that network that I can reach, it stilll doesn't egress.
okay, so egress doesn't work regardless of whether it's on the opnsense node or a node behind the router, correct? But the node itself is reachable in both cases?
My best guess would be either A: Misconfigured egress settings (incorrect subnet / interface) or B: Firewall settings on the router
I'm leaning towards B, and that something on the router might be preventing this from happening
As nodes, the one behind the opnsense firewall is reachable but egresss doesnt work. The opnsense firewall doesnt seem to work as a node, let alone egress. Any idea of what settings I might look at on the router? My router that sits in front of the firewall uses dd-wrt if that helps.
I am using openwrt as the Egress status, but I can only Ping the LAN IP ( of openwrt, but I can't Ping 172.172.172 (LAN PC),