Highlights in OpenWrt 22.03.0 Firewall4 based on n...
# netmaker
Highlights in OpenWrt 22.03.0 Firewall4 based on nftables Firewall4 is used by default instead of in the OpenWrt default images. Firewall4 uses nftables instead of iptables to configure the Linux netfilters. firewall3 Firewall4 uses the same UCI firewall configuration. Old firewall configurations should still work with firewall4, using nftables now. The extra option which allowed to add custom iptables commands does not work any more. iptables is not included in the default images any more, it can be added with opkg or ImageBuilder if needed. , , and provide the known command line interface from the old tools, but they will create nftables entries instead. iptables-nftarptables-nftebtables-nftxtables-nft