Hi, is there a way to setup custom domain in embed...
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Hi, is there a way to setup custom domain in embedded Netmaker DNS - not only the suffixed with a network name (and according to latest release network name cannot have dot). Let's say that have network called
but would like to have
DNS entry? The reason behind this is that I would like to use public DNS domain for generate Let's encrypt cert but would prefer to keep those DNS entries IPs private. Usually with pure wireguard I was using in GCP private zone with DNS forwarding enabled and set the DNS server to the internal google IP but with similar setup with Netmaker that doesn't work (event in wireguard client has that DNS IP). I considered to use instead of that Netmaker Core DNS but I see (at least with UI) there is only possiblity to add entry suffixed with my network name (and network name cannot be domain)