Cool. I'm interested in having a custom nameserver...
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Cool. I'm interested in having a custom nameserver on my network with the idea that I can access selfhosted services using regular URLs. My idea is to host pihole in docker on the same server netmaker is on. I figure it has to be on the same network as netmaker to show up
That should be doable
The docker-compose file creates these networks:
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NETWORK ID     NAME               DRIVER    SCOPE
6d8b665b3c3b   bridge             bridge    local
4dfc6d66cf94   host               host      local
56606fd7e77c   netmaker_default   bridge    local
4bb0bb091464   none               null      local
Should I add the pihole docker image to the
That would make sense
Awesome, thanks!
So in this case would pihole replace CoreDNS? Should I disable CoreDNS and use port 53 for pihole?
currently coredns is not used so replacing it would not affect anything
let us know how this goes! Having some instructions for integrating pihole would be useful to many users
Yeah, will do!
Yeah I'm really stuck on this. Rather than messing around with pi-hole in docker I'm trying to just add an actual pi-hole on a raspberry pi as a node in the network and use that as DNS. No luck. I commented on a relevant issue here: