I know I asked about this the other day, but just ...
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I know I asked about this the other day, but just to check. To run Netmaker without Traefik as the reverse proxy, I can just comment it out from the compose file? I want to use Nginx (via SWAG). Or is it better to follow the production installation and then sub in Nginx that way? Also. The MQTT needs to be proxied too. Needs an Nginx stream that I can't see in the SWAG section.
Yes, kust remove traefik from docker compose, and then run nginx however you want
you dont actually have to proxy MQTT. DNS just needs to point to the machine, and in your docker compose you have to make sure the right port is specified
so if mosquitto exposes 8883 on the host, your mq address would be broker.yournetmaker.com:8883
and you'd need to set SERVER_HOST and MQ_PORT appropriately
Hey. Just quick follow up question. Sorry to bother. So in the above mentioned guidelines, it requires opening the port externally right (as in firewall)? (I get
could not connect to broker at broker.netmaker.xyz.abc:443
after 3 good pings otherwise. In the traffic compose file, there are the routes defined for 443 -> 8883. If I do not want to open the 8883 port, I am guessing I do need to write the proxy?
I should also say, I didn't have a lot of success trying to run this behind Nginx instead of using the built in Traefik. But since I already use Nginx (via SWAG) and I can transfer it over to many systems (also I understand Nginx configuration files way better than Traefik) I will try again. Are there some worked examples of people using it with Nginx? Since it's very popular still over Traefik or Caddy